A central A/C compressor is basically the “heart” of your entire A/C system. Without it, your air conditioner wouldn’t be able to cool your home.

Just like a heart pumps blood throughout the body, your compressor pumps “refrigerant”, a special fluid that absorbs heat from the air, throughout the A/C system.

And because your compressor is such an integral part of the A/C system, it can be pretty costly to replace one.

Need professional help for your central A/C compressor? Just contact us and we’ll send over an experienced tech to inspect your unit.

Change your filter regularly.

A clogged filter restricts the amount of warm air that passes over your cold refrigerant coils. And over time, that can cause your evaporator coil (the indoor unit) to freeze over.

If your evaporator coil freezes over, it can cause cold, liquid refrigerant to flow back to your compressor and destroy it (this is called “slugging”).

To avoid this problem, check your filter at least every 1-3 months!

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