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You can use a heat pump to heat or cool your home, and while the technology is nothing new, many people are choosing to use a heat pump for their heating and cooling needs, instead of their current system. Anyone who lives in Virginia knows that the temperatures can fluctuate wildly during the year, so the fact that a heat pump is effective all-year round is a big plus.

How Your Heat Pump Operates

Heat pumps use a cycle of condensation and evaporation in order to function properly. This cycle transfers heat from one place to another, and it will replace the air that’s inside your house, whether that air is warm or cold. A heat pump generates energy from the air or the ground, and it doesn’t matter if the air outside is cold or not, it can still generate the necessary heat from the energy.

Why Should I Use a Heat Pump?

Many homeowners switch over to heat pumps from their current systems because they offer more benefits in the homeowners’ eyes. Heat pumps are typically more energy efficient, which results in lower energy bills, and they have fewer moving parts than a regular system, which means fewer repairs and less maintenance. Since heat pumps take their energy from the air or the ground, many people like this environmental element and it factors into their decision.