Furnace & Heating Systems

A furnace is the most common type of heating system in homes around the country.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your heat pump gives cold air in place of hot? It is normal if it’s happening for a short time in the extreme winters as it occurs because of frozen ice on the outdoor unit. But, if your unit is giving cold air for a long time, then it only means that there is some issue with any part of the unit.

If you know enough about your unit, then you must be aware of the defrost mode of the heat pump. When the ice starts gathering on the outdoor unit, it starts to block the free flow of air and therefore, the heat pump turns on the defrost mode to remove the ice. Defrost mode is a situation when your unit starts blowing cold air into your room and hot air outside the home to remove the ice from the unit.

If you still feel like your furnace, heat pump or heating system is still not functioning properly, give All Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning a call! We proudly service HVAC residential and commercial systems in Fredericksburg, Stafford, VA and surrounding communities. Our trusted and professional technicians will inspect your HVAC units and provide a free estimate on maintenance service or repairs.