Cheers and warm wishes for a very happy new year! Here’s a quick HVAC tip: Cooler weather doesn’t mean higher heating bills. Don’t fuel the fire of bad information- save your furnace and your wallet. Hire All Seasons to professionally inspect duct work, fix leaks, and keep the warm air inside!

That being said, with freezing temperatures we get many emergency service calls about frozen heat pumps this time of year.

Customer: Hello, My Heat Pump unit outside is frozen and has a thick block of ice on it. I have turned my unit off. What can I do to thaw out the unit outside?

All Seasons: It isn’t unusual for a heat pump to freeze up in cold weather, but it should kick into “defrost” mode and melt the ice periodically.

When outdoor temps drop below 30 f., it is not uncommon for a heat pump to run continuously. In fact, it is designed to do that to provide steady, comfortable, affordable heat. When “auxiliary heat” goes on, however, the inefficient supplemental electric heating elements kick in, and this can become very expensive.

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