Why AC Maintenance Matters: 

When summertime comes around in Northern Virginia, nothing feels better than the cooling breeze from your air conditioner. As a resident of the area, you know how hot and humid it can be. But when you perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner, you’ll stay cool and avoid any larger future problems with your HVAC unit.

Many people aren’t aware of just how much stress and wear air conditioning units are subject to over time. Especially in places with intense heat, like Virginia. Every system needs routine maintenance to continue performing well, and as the local experts in air conditioning maintenance for Fredericksburg, Stafford, and the surrounding areas, we want to keep your AC unit operating well and highly-functioning this summer!

What are the benefits of AC Check-ups?

Lower Bills, Higher Energy Efficiency: 

As technology improves, the ability to improve a home’s energy efficiency improves with it. For you, that means lower energy bills. Instead of leaving your thermostat to run needlessly, improved HVAC technology allows scheduled temperature changes while you’re away and comfort-monitoring when you’re at home. When it comes to AC in Fredericksburg, Stafford, and the surrounding areas, we know what AC units will work best with your home, and cost you less. Contact us to slash your energy bill and get an AC check-up today.  

Better Home and Family Health: 

When the heat and humidity start to peak this summer, find comfort in the cool air flowing through your home. When your AC unit has restrictions or parts malfunctioning, it can cause stagnant temperatures and rising humidity levels in your home. Instead of feeling muggy and uncomfortable, eliminate the heat in your home.  In the summertime, the heat belongs outside. Help your family stay cool and schedule an AC tune-up before it’s too late.

Lower Repair Costs

With preventative maintenance, you’re more likely to uncover minor issues with your HVAC unit and fix them on the spot. Unexpected repairs are often expensive and stressful, especially in the midst of the summertime in Virginia. With regular HVAC tune-ups, you’ll avoid the headache, disruption, and stress on your wallet. Contact us today to become a priority customer through our maintenance service plan and learn more about the benefits of this plan.

Longer Equipment Life

Regularly serviced air conditioning units are able to gather less run time, while still working with the same ability to cool your home. This is because without regular maintenance the inside parts of the unit aren’t cleaned and have to work harder to run, leaving them less effective over time. During an AC check-up, our technicians will clean the internal pieces, creating less stress on the working pieces. They’ll have a higher capacity to run with ease, exerting less energy and significantly enhancing its’ lifespan.

What Are Some Signs It’s Time To Get An AC Tune-Up? 

1. Your energy bill is rising 
2. Lack of cool air coming out 
3. You haven’t had a tune-up in over a year 
4. Your unit is making loud or peculiar noises  
5. Mold-inducing moisture or odors appear where and when they should not. 

Don’t waste time troubleshooting your air conditioning system. All Seasons Heating and Air has been serving Fredericksburg, Stafford County, and the surrounding areas since 2010, while providing complete HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. We’d like to help you get cool air too! One of our friendly specialists can explain the details of our service programs and answer any questions you may have.

Extend Your Air Conditioner and HVAC Systems Life:

A question we answer a lot is how can you extend the life of your AC unit and HVAC system? There are different options you can take to extend the life of your AC system, but the biggest we recommend is getting regular tune-ups. At least twice a year, schedule maintenance. HVAC systems aren’t ‘high-maintenance’ equipment, but they do need to be regularly inspected, cleaned, and tuned up.

During your AC check-up we will:
1. Inspect: air filters, indoor coil if accessible, wiring, connection, fuses, breakers, the main contactor, relays, and capacitors, duct system for air leaks and mold, condenser motor, and blade.
2. Clean: air filters if washable, p-trap, outdoor coil.
3. Test: p-trap, safety controls, the main contactor, relays, wiring, connection, fuses, breakers, and capacitors, compressor and starting amps, thermostat for accuracy, airflow, refrigerant levels.
4.Oil the motors and measure the temperature drop.

Learn more about our maintenance priority services or give us a call today to keep your HVAC in great condition! 

Aside from regular tune-ups, some other tips we recommend are: 
1. Changing your filter out regularly 
2. Use a programmable thermostat 
3. Turn your fan on ‘auto’ 
4. Have your ducts inspected and cleaned yearly 

Like other equipment, sometimes an AC unit reaches it’s lifespan and stops working. If that’s the case, don’t stress.

Visit our air conditioner replacement page to learn more, or give us a call for a consultation today, and we’ll get your cool air running in no time! You can also learn more about our maintenance priority services to extend the life of your AC unit at affordable rates.

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